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Low Stabilisation Scenarios: Strategies, Technologies and Costs


Welcome to the website of the Workshop on “Low Stabilisation Scenarios – Strategies, Technologies and Costs, an international Workshop organised by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in co-operation with the Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei, supported by the Umweltbundesamt. The Workshop will be held in Potsdam the 16-17 of March, 2006 and will take place at Potsdam's Telegrafenberg Campus in the rooms H1 and H2 in building "Haus H" on the Campus.

Europe has committed itself to an ambitious climate protection goal the 2°C target. Many stakeholders in business, NGOs and the public agree that the international community should pro-actively implement a climate policy that allows to achieve the 2°C target. This climate protection goal is highly ambitious because it requires a substantial departure from the business-as-usual path. The workshop brings together climate scientists, engineers, economists, and stakeholders in order to identify factors and pathways that are crucial in designing policies for achieving the 2°C target in a cost-effective way. In the first part of the workshop technologies and strategies of low stabilisation scenarios will be presented and discussed. The second part will treat costs and policy instruments for achieving low stabilisation targets.

This website has been designed to serve as a complete reference point for information on all practical and logistic matters of the Workshop. Here you will find information on the Workshop venue, information about accommodation, information about the city, useful maps and information on the social programme is also available.

This website also provides some information on the scientific aspects of the Workshop, such as the programme, the press conference and short biographies of keynote speakers and discussants.

Participation in the workshop is upon invitation only.