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Netherlands Environment Assessment Agency, The Netherlands

Mr. Detlef van Vuuren
Netherlands Environment Assessment Agency
PO Box 303
3720 BA Bilthoven
The Netherlands

Phone: 31-30-2742046

Detlef van Vuuren holds a MSc in both Chemistry and Environmental Sciences from Utrecht University. After joining the Science, Technology and Society department of that university for a short period of time, he works since 1996 at the Netherlands Environment Assessment Agency. From 1998 onwards, his work concentrates on global environmental change scenarios, in particular the possible pathways for the world energy system in relation to climate change (as part of the IMAGE integrated assessment research group). In this area of expertise, he has been author of the Global Environment Outlook of the United Nations Environment Programme, and Coordinating Lead Author of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment. He is now involved as Lead Author in the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and Coordinating Lead Author of the Agriculture Assessment for the World Bank. In addition, he has worked in various smaller studies on climate policy for the European Commission, the European Environment Agency, in the context of Stanford's University Energy Modelling Forum and within MNP. Most of these studies concentrated on the development of mitigation scenarios. In total, Detlef van Vuuren has written over 30 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals.