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Low Stabilisation Scenarios: Strategies, Technologies and Costs

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Mr. Martin WEIß
Umweltbundesamt, Germany

Mr. Martin Weiß

Federal Environmental Agency
Climate Change Division (I 4.1)
Wörlitzer Platz 1
06844 Dessau

Phone: +49 (0340) 2103 2193
Fax: +49 (0340) 2104 2193

Current position: scientific employee, Federal Environmental Agency , Germany in Berlin since April 2002.

Current projects:

  • EU Expert Group on Further Action preparing negotiations on further action under the Kyoto Protocol and the UNFCCC.
  • Economic modelling of greenhouse gas stabilisation at low levels aiming at improving knowledge about the role of technological change and at regional scale information on technology use and economic cost.
  • Long-term mitigation scenarios for Industrialized and Developing countries.

Former positions:

  • Assistant to Detlef Sprinz, Ph.D. at Potsdam Institute for climate impact research (2001).
  • Internship at the Ministry of the Environment, Unit for Ecological Tax Reform in Germany (2001/2002).


  • Diploma (MA) in Political Science (2001), University of Potsdam , Germany.
  • Thesis on "Climate Policy in a Multi-Level System - the EU and its Memberstates".

Professional Skills: Interdisciplinary research and teaching in

  • International relations,
  • Political methodology,
  • European and international environmental policy,
  • Political institutions & effectiveness of international regimes, and
  • European and international negotiations
  • Global climate policy, differentiation of commitments


  • Niklas; Michel den Elzen; Martin Weiss, 2004: "Common but differentiated convergence", in Niklas Höhne, Dian Phylipsen, Simone Ullrich, Kornelis Blok, 2004: "Options for the second commitment period for the Kyoto Protocol", Research report for the German Federal Environmental Agency.
  • With Detlef Sprinz 2001: "Domestic Politics and Global Climate Policy", in International Relations and Global Climate Change, edited by U. Luterbacher and D. Sprinz, Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press. 67-94.
  • "Klimawende oder Augenwischerei?[on the Bonn-Compromise]", in Sonne, Wind und Wärme - Journal for Renewable Energy and Decentralized Energy Supply, 9/2001:18-19.