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Low Stabilisation Scenarios: Strategies, Technologies and Costs

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Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, UK

Dr. David Warrilow
Global Atmosphere Division
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Zone 3/C1 Ashdown House
123 Victoria Street
SW1E 6DE London

Phone: +44 020 7944 5210
Fax: +44 020 7944 5219

David Warrilow is head of Science Policy on Climate Change at the UK 's Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs - Defra. He is responsible for ensuring that the UK Government receives sound scientific advice on climate change with regard to both its domestic activities and international negotiations. He heads the UK 's delegation to the IPCC and also leads on the technical matters covered by the Subsidiary Body on Science and Technology of the Climate Change Convention. He is also responsible for managing a £15 million research programme which provides policy relevant scientific advice. His own scientific background covers climate modeling, land-surface processes and hydrology.