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Graphic project
The graphic design of this website and the poster that will be offered by FEEM to the Workshop participants was created by Silvia Bertolin (Support Activities, FEEM), inspired by Natalibera70’s digital art image “Tsunami…in memory…”.

Tsunami…in memory… by Valentina Zorzi

Natalibera70 is the pseudonym of Painter Valentina Zorzi, a young and promising Italian artist. In her paintings she uses an innovative way of depicting reality: there are countrysides emptied of plants and wild animals, and landscapes emptied of nature, which however cannot be forgotten. Her paintings convey joie de vivre, passion for freedom and all-encompassing Love.

A versatile, resourceful approach drawing expressions from a variety of sources, ranging from traditional oil and acrylic paintings to computer graphics. She is a painter who dares to wonder about herself and the world, who asks and wants to ask, who discusses and triggers discussions about hersef, but most of all about the world. The fear of pain is an overwhelming event transformed into an aesthetical narration to exorcise grief and suffering with dreamlike visions. Her paintings are permeated with references to myths, whether Mahori myths, such as the eight tattoos on her body - a projection of her innermost existence that must be brought to light – or Camuni myths or even classical mythology. The metaphysical and transcendent reality of her paintings emerges from nature, and in particular from the animals and cats that she loves dearly, and finally ascends to the spirit that reawakens and works on the canvas, a bidimensional support that becomes tridimensional with computer technology art. The atmosphere evoked is of Shakesperian memory. We would feel like saying “the rest is silence” quoting the famous ending of Hamlet’s tormented life. But the silence falling on Hamlet’s tragedy is similar to the feelings aroused by Valentina’s works.

She uses various themes, but the leit-motiv is the representation of figures that are as pale as the moon and that become rocks. Their shadowy colours slowly give way to light that does not come from above but from the innermost self. Even the coldest, finger-spread colours evoke new textures and new targets that lead to the light of things, images of purification and peace.

The most beautiful outcome is the challenge to art that is never satisfied of the goals attained, a challenge that the Painter throws among paintbrushes and desktops. An investigation that is existentialist research, catharthis in the kaleidoscope of wonder, a fusion of oneself within a world purified from war, selfishness and inhuman and pervasive materialistic humanity.

Her paintings stir deep feelings and propose Love as the only challenge for a world of peace, where the Artist celebrates peace within herself and with the universe. Painting that is a challenge, painting that defies, painting of love and peace. A painting of beauty and goodness, languor and wonder faced with a cold existence flattened by the only dimension of interest and mean, vulgar hastiness.

(Presentation of the artist by Prof. Alessio Varisco, Magister Artium)

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