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June 6th, 2006

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Logistical Information:
Arriving by road to Piazzale Roma-Venice

Piazzale Roma is the bus terminal and parking area in Venice. Parking facilities available at Piazzale Roma can be found on the Azienda Servizi Mobilità S.p.a. website.
You may take a private water taxi or use the public water bus service in order to arrive at your destination within the City Centre.

Please note that timetables and prices may change: you are kindly requested to check this site again before your departure.

Private Water Taxi From Piazzale Roma - Venice
Private Taxis are available 24 hours from Piazzale Roma. You will find the water taxi rank on the water front in between the vaporetto stops in Piazzale Roma. The taxi company in Piazzale Roma is Cooperativa Veneziana and the cost of a taxi from Piazzale Roma to the City Centre is approximately € 60,00. For further information and to book a taxi please call +39.041.716124.
Public Water Transport in from Piazzale Roma - Venice
The vaporetti, or public water buses run 24 hours a day, although much less frequently after 24.00. A number of lines travel on different routes at varying speeds, throughout the City. You will need to by a ticket before bording. Tickets cost € 5,00 for a one way journey and does not include the supplement for luggage. A one-day pass costs € 12,00. A three-day pass costs € 25,00.
The principle boat numbers are:
Number 1 - route from Piazzale Roma to Venice Lido. This boat stops at every stop along the Grand Canal.
Number 82 - a circular route throughout Venice, leaving in two directions from Piazzale Roma. Anti-clockwise to Piazza San Marco stopping at Tronchetto, the Island of Giudecca, Zattere and stopping at Piazza San Marco. Clockwise going through the Grand Canal stopping at Rialto, Accademia and Piazza San Marco and finally arriving at Venice Lido.
Number 41 - a circular route around the Island of Venice, stopping at the Giudecca Island, Piazza San Marco and continuing to the Island of Murano, Fondamenta Nuova and Piazzale Roma.
Number 42 - a circular route around the Island of Venice, does not go through the Grand Canal but goes around the north of the island, Tre Archi, Fondamenta Nuova, Murano and then on to San Marco, and back round to Piazzale Roma.
There are many landing stages at Piazzale Roma, so be sure to ask before you board the vaporetto that is going in the right direction. For further information on the Vaporetto services within the City Centre please check: ACTV website.


This activity is part of the ESS RESECON project, that has received funding from the European Community's Sixth Framework Programme, Marie Curie Actions - Human Resources and Mobility.
Sole responsibility lies within the author and the Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained herein.

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