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December 13th, 2016

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Faculty - 2017 Summer School

School coordinator: Sjak SMULDERS

  • Snorre KVERNDOKK
    Frisch Centre Oslo, Norway
    Topics: Inter- and intragenerational equity, climate finance, migration, north-south models.
  • Pietro PERETTO
    Duke University, USA
    Topics: Schumpeterian and Malthusian growth models with resources and population dynamics, sustainability, and the industrial-organization perspective.
    City University of Hong Kong, China
    Topics: aspects of thresholds, irreversibility and uncertainty in macroeconomic environmental policies.
  • Armon REZAI
    Vienna University of Economics, Austria
    Topics: Social Cost of Carbon, political economy, overlapping generations models.
  • Sjak SMULDERS (School coordinator)
    Tilburg University, The Netherlands
    opics: directed technical change, green growth policies.



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