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December 13th, 2016

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Faculty - 2017 Summer School

Sjak Smulders Sjak SMULDERS
School coordinator
Department of Economics
Tilburg University, The Netherlands
Ph.: +31.13.4663653

Sjak Smulders is professor of economics at Tilburg University, Department of Economics and Tilburg Sustainability Centre. He is also a CESifo Research Network Fellow research and International Research Fellow at the Kiel Institute. He acted as advisor to the World Bank and OECD on the issues of Green Growth and Inclusive Growth. He previously held the Svare Chair in Energy System Analysis at the Institute for Sustainable Energy, Environment, and the Economy at the University of Calgary, Canada. He was a fellow of Royal Dutch Academy of Arts and Sciences and a visiting professor at Stanford University. Smulders’ research examines the impact of environmental and energy policies on economic growth as well as the sources of economic growth in a variety of contexts. He has analysed under what conditions economic growth can be sustained without deteriorating environmental quality. Recent work has focused on the question whether the stimulation of technological change can reduce the cost of environmental policies in general and the cost of climate change and energy conservation policies in particular. Most of the work is based on small analytical models in the endogenous growth tradition. Other interests include public economics, economic history, and international trade.


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